About me

I’m Emma, the maker and creator of my feel good brand BEAU TIE. It all began in 2012, when I started turning thrifted fabrics from all my charity shop exploring, into bow ties. This soon branched out into a focus on the wedding industry with a full range of bow ties, ties and pocket squares. In 2020, I made the pivot into the world of scrunchies and the term “Scrunchie Cult’ began. This was followed by sleep masks and headbands. 

I work from my (very pink!) home studio, where I make and pack everything myself, alongside my house cat Snowy. And I source my fabrics all over the world, whilst going on solo trips. This is one of my favourite parts of the process.

My brand is all about making YOU feel empowered, to enhance your style, and comfort is key too. The headbands won't give you a headache, the scrunchies are super stretchy but hold their shape, and the sleep masks are super soft on your skin. And the men’s range are made from beautiful stand out fabrics to draw in all the compliments too.

And that’s the story. Welcome to my cult.

Big Love,

Emma & Snowy